Different Screws Heads For Different Jobs

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As an experienced do-it-yourselfer or a person that just taking on a little project around the house it is important o have the right type of fastener. The most common option is to use one of any number of different types of screws. In New York City finding the right fastener can be a challenge, especially if you aren’t sure what to ask for.

The best stores or specialty hardware supply locations will have enough of a variety to get you through any project, big or small. Choosing the right screws in New York City starts with understanding the basics prior to getting to the store.

Standard or Slotted

The screw head, or driving method, is important only if you want to match your screws to existing screws on the project or if you have a particular preference. The most basic style is a flat or slotted screw. This is just a single groove that runs through the center of the screw head.


The Phillips head looks like a cross or a + on the top of the screw. This allows the screw driver to be more securely inserted into the screw head for less slipping and more grip. These heads are considered to be less likely to strip, even if you have to apply a lot of pressure to insert or remove screws. In New York City, as in other locations, this is one of the most common options.


The Robertson screw has a square indentation. Different sizes of screws will require different sizes of Robertson as well as Phillips screwdrivers. Robertson screws are a good option for screws that may need to be removed as they are very unlikely to strip when trying to insert or remove them.

There are other options as well, including a hex or double hex, which uses an inset Allen wrench to turn. Other screws that require special tools include the torx screw, which is shaped like a six pointed snowflake or star.

It is also important to know that material that you are using on the project. Screws in New York City are available for working with wood, sheet metal or other materials. In addition they can also be self-tapping, which means that they will create their own holes, ideal for wood or plastic but not strong and hard materials such as metal.

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