In general, a roof should last about 20 years; however, that doesn’t take into account our climate. The things that can prematurely age a roof, like heat, cold, rain, snow, wind, and hail, are things we have in abundance, so a regular roof inspection is a good idea, especially if it’s done by someone who is an expert in Roofing Repair in Indianapolis. The thing about small roofing problems is that they don’t stay small for very long. Even a minor issue can become a small leak, which can slowly do damage to sheathing, support beams, and insulation before announcing its presence in the form of an ugly stain on your ceiling. A thorough inspection of your roof can help spot even slight damage so it can be handled quickly and inexpensively, before it turns into an emergency.

Minor roof issues like some broken or missing shingles are relatively easy to repair, since it is mostly a matter of matching shingles, but if an inspection shows more serious damage, either from the weather, or just aging, your home or business may be a candidate for a re-roofing. If there is just a layer or two of roofing material in place, a new roof can be laid down on top of the existing one, saving time and money. If your roof has not aged well or has sustained catastrophic damage during a storm, it may require a complete tear-off and an entirely new roof. While this is the most expensive kind of roof work, it does come with some advantages. When you have to install an entirely new roof, you’ll get to choose the materials that will best complement your home including the color or texture of your new roof. The experts in Roofing Repair in Indianapolis can help you select the material that is best for your specific situation. Additionally, new roofing materials tend to be much more energy-efficient than the old ones, which will translate into noticeably lower heating and cooling costs.

Sircey Roofing and Sheet Metal can handle all of your roofing needs. Licensed, bonded, and insured, they can do a free inspection of your commercial or residential roof and provide an estimate for any work that needs to be done. To see what services they can offer you, visit their website at

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