Floor Refinishing in Tribeca Will Keep Your Wood Floors Looking Brand New

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thumbs_gallery_04Wood floors are a beautiful addition to any home. They go well with any decor and they will last for many years. In order to keep wood floors looking beautiful you will need to take proper care of them and that includes floor refinishing every several years.

When your hardwood floors begin to show the signs of age, you will need to have them refinished. Floor Refinishing in Tribeca will restore the natural beauty to your wood floors. It will also repair any scratches and gouges your floors may have.

The first thing that New York Wood Flooring will do to your floor when they come out to refinish it is sand away the old finish. The sanding will remove the layers of finish and will also smooth the surface by removing small scratches. Sanding requires a three-step process in which three different grades of sandpaper will be used. Once the sanding is completed they will apply wood putty to any nicks and gouges that might be present. When the putty has dried it will be sanded with a fine grade sandpaper to smooth the wood surface.

Your walls and floor will then be wiped clean to remove any dust and particles that could get in the finishes that will be applied to the floor. Then the floor will be vacuumed and wiped down with a piece of tack cloth or cheese cloth to remove all the residue that might be present. The floor will then be ready for the finishes to be applied.

Depending on the degree of gloss or luster you want on your wood floor either polyurethane or varnish will be applied to the floor. Polyurethane provides a high gloss shine that looks almost plastic, while varnish will provide a deep luster in either matte or gloss. Polyurethane works best in high traffic areas like hallways and family rooms. Your Floor Refinishing in Tribeca will last you for many years.

When it is time to refinish your wood floors you should have them professionally done. This will ensure that the work is done properly so that your floors will hold up to the wear and tear.