Chimney Cleaning in Long Island, NY Saves Lives and Property

by | May 5, 2014 | Chimney

Neglected chimneys are responsible for countless fires every year. The Chimney Safety Institute of America reports that there are, on average, over 48,000 fires related to heating equipment every year, with over 24,000 directly related to fireplaces and chimneys. Other experts argue the figures are actually much higher, since not all chimney fires are reported. Regular chimney cleaning in Long Island NY can significantly reduce local chimney fire statistics.

Chimney fires occur when flammable deposits build up on chimney walls. If those deposits are not properly cleaned, they are likely to catch fire at some point. When that happens, the intense heat that results quickly damages the chimney itself and may cause surrounding structural materials to ignite. Local chimney experts like US Chimney ( recommend that homeowners schedule routine chimney cleaning and inspection visits at least once per year to reduce the chances of chimney fires or other safety issues.

In homes where wood is burned on a regular basis, additional visits for cleaning may be needed to keep creosote from accumulating on chimney walls. Regular removal of creosote buildup not only enhances safety, it also increases the efficiency of fireplaces as air flow restrictions are removed, improving drafts. Chimney professionals can work out a cleaning schedule based on the amount and variety of wood burned and the type of chimney in use.

Of course chimneys also vent other appliances. Water heaters and furnaces require a way to properly vent waste gases. Older chimneys can be easily damaged by the gases, leading to a deterioration not only of brick, but also mortar. When chimneys are damaged, there is a potential for carbon monoxide to enter the home’s living areas. Routine chimney inspections can spot potential issues, and allow technicians to recommend improvements to ensure all waste gases are properly vented.

Safety is the most important benefit of having chimneys inspected annually. However, it is also important to note that the timely repair of damaged chimneys keeps repair expenses down. When maintenance is ignored, damage is exacerbated, with expenses for repairs rapidly increasing as the damages worsen. Proper maintenance and chimney cleaning not only saves lives, it saves money. Browse website for more details.

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