Where to Find the Best Cancer Physicians in Wichita KS

Cancer Treatment Center

It is essential to get the best possible medical help as soon as possible after a cancer diagnoses. For local residents, that means trusting the Cancer Center of Kansas. Not only does the specialized facility provide some of the best Cancer Physicians in Wichita KS, it also offers whole-patient care that includes:

1. FOCUSED CARE: The Center’s Cancer Physicians in Wichita KS understand how overwhelmed their new patients are, and begin by explaining their disease to them. This includes educating patients about what cancer is, and advising which type they have. Doctors educate patients, and explain that their problems are caused by cells that grow out of control, resulting in many different symptoms. The Center’s oncologists and hematologists work with carefully-trained staff, and ensure that patient questions are answered.

2. TREATMENT OPTIONS: Specialists tailor treatments to each patient’s needs. These may include surgery, targeted therapy, biological therapy, chemotherapy, and hormonal therapy. Patients may be candidates for radiation, or stem cell transplantation. The Cancer Center includes an entire team devoted to bone marrow transplants that are designed to establish healthy bone marrow in qualifying patients. As physicians outline treatment plans, they discuss side effects, including anemia, fatigue, hair loss, infection, and more. Patients work with staff, to find solutions to many of these problems.

3. ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES: Patients at the Center are offered the opportunity to reduce side effects and encourage wellness through the use of alternative, or complementary medicines. These are not designed to take the place of Western medicine, but to enhance them. Methods such as energy therapy, natural products, and mind-body intervention can often improve patients’ quality of life and relieve discomfort.

4. SUPPORT: The Cancer Center’s staff members work with patients, to reduce the emotional stress caused by their diseases. Patients are encouraged to accept help and get needed support. They know that each person has different needs, and will guide them in making choices. Support may include arranging and assisting caregivers, help with financial issues, and providing a list of resources.

Wichita, Kansas cancer patients often turn to the Cancer Center of Kansas after they have been diagnosed with the disease. They trust the Center to offer cutting-edge medical treatments, whole-person care, and the support needed for healing.