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Being told that you have cancer is probably one of the most frightening experiences someone can have. The best weapon to combat the fear is knowledge. Learning about all of the possibilities now available to cancer patients offers hope and strength.

Cancer is unlike many illnesses in that emergency treatment is not normally required. Patients have time to learn about their illness and the treatment options. Most patients will also get a second opinion. Treatment decisions can be made with confidence.

Cancer is a general term referring to many different diseases affecting different parts of the body. What each type of cancer has in common is uncontrolled, abnormal cell growth. Instead of cell growth being under the control of the body, something goes wrong. The uncontrolled cell growth results in a tumor, lump or mass in many cancers. Cancers involving the blood, such as leukemia, do not form tumors.

If a cancer is limited to one part of the body, such as the breast, it is named for the part of the body where it originated – thus, ‘breast cancer’. When a cancer spreads, or metastasizes, to other parts of the body, it would be called ‘metastatic breast cancer.’ Medical science has not yet been able to explain why a particular person has developed cancer, although carcinogens and genetics play an important role in many cases.

Attitude is important! Remain optimistic. Medicine has made giant strides in developing treatments for cancer and research is ongoing. Some patients even choose to participate in clinical trials that are testing new treatments for cancer. Many patients and their families find it helpful to talk to past and present patients with their disease, join support groups and learn as much as possible about their illness and treatment options. There is help available to explore financial issues and discuss other issues such as home health care.

Treatments are no longer confined to just surgery or chemotherapy. Depending on the individual circumstances, there may be a number of possibilities. A detailed treatment plan will be drawn up for each person by the Best Cancer Physicians Newton KS, aimed at the best way to address the treatment goals.

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