If you and your child’s other parent do not see eye-to-eye when it comes to child custody, visitation and child support, you will want to file a petition with the courts so they can decide the outcome. It is very common for courts to order both parties to attend a mediation hearing before the case makes its way before a judge. During the hearing, a mediator attempts to resolve the issues, helping both parties come to a consensus. Many people wonder if they need or should have Family Law Attorneys in Liberal KS with them during this mediation hearing. The answer is yes and here are two reasons why.

You May Not Know What You Are Legally Entitled To:

A mediator’s job is not to let you know what you are legally entitled to. Their job is to get you and your child’s other parent to come to any sort of agreement. Unfortunately, many people find themselves agreeing to something less than what they may be legally entitled to, because they lack the knowledge to know what it is they are entitled to. Having a lawyer present during the mediation ensures you don’t agree to something less than what you would otherwise likely get.

It Is Hard to Go Back on a Mediation Agreement:

When it comes to child custody and support, nothing is ever set in stone. However, there has to be a good reason for petitioning the courts for child support and custody changes. Saying that you changed your mind after the mediation hearing isn’t going to cut it. When you have Family Law Attorneys in Liberal KS present, they can help you understand the full repercussions of what you are agreeing to and advise you as to whether it is fair or not. This makes it less likely that you would want to go back on your mediation agreement.

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