Common Pediatric Dental Problems that Dentists in Hoover, Alabama Deal With


Kids are susceptible to quite a number of dental health complications. It is for this reason that you as a parent should think about getting a reliable dentist for your children. The biggest benefit of getting a great dentist for your children is the fact that they will have enough preventive dental care and this will result in strong and healthy teeth for many years. Below are some of the commonest dental health issues that dentists in Hoover, Alabama deal with. Browse website for more details.

Teething and shedding first teeth

Most people do not think about teething as a serious dental health issue. Under normal circumstances, it is not; however, there are times that complications such as impacted teeth and swollen gums result. If this happens, it is a great idea to see a dentist. In the case of impacted teeth, the dentist will help recommend treatment options such as surgery. If a new tooth is sprouting while the old one hasn’t been removed, they will remove the old tooth and recommend ways of getting it aligned with the rest.

Tooth decay

Did you know that the first cause of carries or tooth decay in children results from the feeding bottle? Well, there are other factors that cause tooth decay in children. These include eating too many starchy and sugary foods and failing to brush teeth properly. When this happens, bacteria acts on the food turning it to acids. These acids eat away at the tooth enamel and all the way to the dentine and sometimes even to the pulp cavity. Cavities can be very painful even in children. The best way to deal with them is prevention. But, if they already formed, a good pediatric dentist such as Dr. Michael S. Anglin will recommend treatment options such as a root canal procedure.

Broken teeth and tooth loss

Children love playing a lot. During the playing, they tend to get knocked or fall over and this often results in broken or lost teeth. Most dentists opt to leave the gap open if it is the first teeth. However, if they suspect that other teeth may shift to feel the empty space, they will insert spacers. Go to for more information about pediatric dentistry.

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