No Special Occasion To Celebrate? Send An E-card anyways

by | Apr 23, 2014 | Shopping

Sending e-cards to celebrate special occasions is more common than ever before. Today, you can find e-cards that let you remind someone you know that you are thinking about them on the holidays. Most sites have ecards for Thanksgiving, Halloween, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and, of course, Christmas. You can click on line any time of the day and send free music ecards as well as the silent type. You can keep it simple or opt for an elaborate card.

You can achieve it all with a few easy clicks of the mouse. Make sure the address is right and send. Yet, why wait for a special occasion. You can also send an e-card if the mood hits you – even if it is a non-occasion.

What Do Non-Occasion, Occasion E-Cards Celebrate?

Non occasion, occasion ecards celebrate the absurd and the trivial. They are an indication of life. They pay attention to the everyday existence and acknowledge it. Rather than mark the holiday and special occasions that bring us together, it pays heed to what really makes us human. If you send free music ecards to let someone know you are thinking of them, or are aware of the little tragedies and great things that make up our lives, you are creating a bond that is not superficial. Furthermore, sending an ecard for no reason at all is fun and can brighten up somebody’s day. This is all part of sending non occasion, occasion ecards.

Non-Occasion, Occasions

A non-occasion is one that you might find special but does not rank as a holiday or special event. While everyone may celebrate Christmas in some form or another, you may want to simply remind someone you are thinking of them. How can someone ignore the gift you send? Free music ecards are a wonderful choice. You can pick a theme or tune that is a favorite of the recipient.

Non occasion, occasion cards can carry messages that say:

  • I miss you
  • I am thinking of you
  • Glad you are receiving this card
  • Happy Monday or Tuesday, or Wednesday or any other day of the week
  • Welcome back from vacation, your trip or holiday
  • Happy Divorce
  • Happy Separation
  • Happy Day
  • Hope you enjoy the Weekend, or week
  • Glad to hear about your new car
  • Happy you found your dog, cat or lost item
  • Congratulations on your new dog, cat, or other animal
  • Sorry for the loss of your dog, cat, etc.
  • This is an obscene ecard. Do you have any requests?

While there are specific ecards to celebrate those special days, why not send free music ecards or straight verse ecards for those non-occasions when you simply want to connect with someone? There is nothing stopping you from adding a little brightness to someone’s life. A few kind, witty, humorous, sarcastic or flippant words (depending upon the sender and recipient) can go a long way and, since it is the internet, go very quickly there and back.

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