The ability to reduce legal expenses may only happen when you realize exactly what you are being charged for. Most legal fees are charged by flat fees, contingency agreements, and even hourly billing in some cases. You should always contact attorneys in your area and compare their experience with the cost that they are going to charge you. Make sure you hire an attorney that is an expert in the specific area of law that you need assistance. If an attorney has to research a lot on your case that will eat into the amount of money you pay him. Whatever route you choose to take, you need to always ensure that the fees you agree to pay are in writing.

Don’t be afraid of talking price with your attorney

When you shop for any type of service one of the questions that comes to mind is what is it going to cost me. Well don’t be afraid to ask the same of your attorney, it is a fair question and something that needs to be addressed in the beginning of your client/attorney relationship. Always try to reduce your legal expense when you can cause your legal issue may take longer than expected. Some instances that may save you money is offer to pay a flat fee for services meaning regardless of how long it takes it will cost this much money. If you propose a contingency fee then a common one is 33 percent of the settlement that you may get. You could also ask your attorney about when billing on an hourly interval maybe if he could bill by every 10 minutes verses every 15 minutes some phone calls may only take 5 to 10 minutes and it isn’t eating up your hour as quickly.

Once the attorney is hired

After you have hired your attorney and discussed reduced legal expenses then it is up to you to cooperate with your attorney. If an attorney request something from you, then make sure he gets it quickly because if the attorney has to make unnecessary reminder calls or has to send multiple letters then he could start charging you additional fees.

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