Factors That Make You a Good Candidate for a Pennsylvania Hair Transplant

Hair Restoration

There are several considerations that must be made when determining if a hair transplant in PA is right for you. The treatment involves taking hair follicles from areas where there is high density permanent hair and moving them to areas where there is low density hair growth. It is common to have high density hair growth on the back of the head and low density hair growth on the crown or along the hairline.

If you are thinking about getting a hair transplant in PA, you must understand how the treatment is done and have realistic expectations for what it can do for you. Depending on the reason for your hair loss, it may continue to progress even after the hair transplants. Your doctor is going to help you determine why you are experiencing balding and then recommend a treatment that will give you the best results.

There are several things that would make a person a good candidate for a hair transplant. The hair follicles in the donor area must be healthy. Those who have a diseased donor supply do not make good candidates for hair transplant. Good candidates also have the funds that are needed to continue surgical hair restoration as needed in the future.

Scalp laxity will also play a role in your candidacy for a hair transplant. It is easier to remove hair follicles from a scalp that has high laxity.

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