Different Types of Access Control System in Middletown


Access control plays a great role in keeping your restricted areas or proprietary information protected against unauthorized access. However, knowing the type of access control system in Middletown and its functions is important to implement the right kind of security system for your business.

Securewire Technologies has made it clear to property and business owners that not all security systems are fit for your organization. You need to understand the different types before choosing the best one for your organization.

Discretionary Access Control (DAC)

DAC allows businesses to retain control of their security systems. A business owner has absolute power over who they grant permissions to access the confidential information regardless of there being a predefined hierarchy of permissions. A user only needs the right access credentials to get full access.

Role-Based Control (RBAC)

An important access control system in Middletown is RBAC. This allows users’ permission based on their ranks or responsibilities, which ties back to the business. For instance, lower-level employees won’t get access to high-level intel and critical information normally accessed by the C-suite.

Mandatory Access Control (MAC)

If a company needs a strict security system, it is advisable to implement a non-discretionary control system where only one person or control system permits all the users trying to access the confidential information. The system is mostly seen in government agencies as they limit access to proprietary information.


If you are looking for a good access control system in Middletown, you must find out which type of control system will fit your business needs. Getting the right security measures in place also depends on the size and nature of your business. It is better to learn about the types of controls before deciding.

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