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Pubs have existed in some form since the expansion of the Roman Empire. As the Roman Empire began to expand, roads were established to transport armies, civilians and goods. As the road way began to increase in usage, small tabernae were created for travel weary customers. Tabernae were small establishments were travelers could get food, drink and in some instances lodging. By the 19th century, the small Roman tabernaes had evolved to larger alehouses. In the years that followed, the public house or pub, expanded from simply serving ales and whiskey to food service as well. In the early beginnings of English pubs, food consisted of meager items such as pickled eggs, peanuts and other small snacks. As interest increased, pub owners added more to their food menu. From meat pies to present day burgers and fries, some pubs have menus that are on par to with full restaurants.

Pubs that serve full menus may have additional seating areas for those who wish to enjoy the pub atmosphere but not be confined to the bar area only. An Outdoor Restaurant in La Crosse, WI will often have outdoor seating that allow customers to relax, enjoy their meal and experience what the pub and city has to offer. Pub menus can vary with some offering a large variety of classic food while others have a theme with specialized items that have grown to become customer favorites. Pubs that offer a full experience with meals, drinks and special events, like the Dublin Square Irish Pub, will often have multiple rooms for patrons to enjoy. Rooms may be divided into bar areas, traditional dining areas and other rooms that are for entertainment only or can be rented out for private parties.

While a pub may serve full meals and host different events, one cannot ignore the irresistible atmosphere that is synonymous with a well loved public house. A pub is often filled with music, patrons enjoying the night and in many ways continuing the legacy of Irish pubs of old. With the addition of Outdoor Restaurant La Crosse, WI, the pub atmosphere continues to grow with more seating and additional interest from prospective patrons.

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