Rental Management: Collection Made Easy

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Ensuring that monthly rent payments are collected from tenants on time is one of the main ingredients to raking in a substantial investment profit.  However, if you own a large apartment complex or a multi-family home with several units, keeping track of paying and non-paying tenants can become tedious very quickly.  Collecting rent, making note of who has or has not paid, and cashing checks takes time if your property houses a large number of renters, not to mention the time you will probably need to dedicate to chasing down late payments or resolving instances involving bounced rental checks.  If you purchased a property simply to generate returns and would rather a professional handle landlording tasks for you, you will likely find a solution through rental management.  Memphis property managers offer simplified collections, late payment resolution, and secure depositing to clients.

Stable Monthly Revenue
There is no doubt that demanding late payments is an aggravating endeavor for any owner, which is why property managers offer rent collection services to clients.  With the support of a rental management company, you can rest assured your agent will quickly reprimand non-paying tenants.  Managers understand how important it is that property owners receive a steady and predictable stream of rent each month as well as understand the problems gaps in revenue can create.  Renters with outstanding balances disrupt the owner’s ability to make payments of their own, including the costs of maintenance and repair bills.  With a steadfast property manager in your corner, you will have greater confidence about receiving 100 percent of your revenue on time instead of dealing with numerous late or missing payments.

Hassle-Free Collections
To minimize the annoyance of handling a large quantity of checks, many rental management companies offer online management.  Online management allows clients to not only stay up-to-date with their investments from anywhere but also provides tenants with an easier and swifter method for making their monthly payments.  The use of personal web portals eliminates the need to fill out and mail monthly checks and, instead, offers a pay-online option.  After all rental payments have been collected for the month, your property manager will ensure your funds are safely deposited into your investment account.

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