Enjoy Crackling Fireplace Sounds and Cozy Holiday Fragrance Without the Hearth

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There’s nothing better than the crackling sound of logs burning on the fire, but if you aren’t lucky enough to own a hearth, you can try a cinnamon chai Woodwick candle to envoke the same feelings as a fire on a cold winter night.

Choose Your Favorite Fragrance Style

Not every home enjoys burning candles to release a cozy fragrance, so we offer many different ways to enjoy your favorite scents, with or without the flame.

You can choose a reed diffuser to release the cozy cinnamon chai fragrance into your home or add to the decor in the room by plugging in an ornamental diffuser with wax melts instead.

Choose A Size

Depending on the size of the space you want to scent with a candle, you may need to burn several smaller candles or one larger version. If you’re in love with the fragnated cinnamon chai Woodwick candle but are unsure if the fragrance will fill your living space, then why not add a Hearthwick cinnamon chai candle to amplify the fragrance output.

Hearthwick candles have larger wicks and more extensive jar sizes so that the candle wax can form a complete melting pool to release the most fragrance into an area. Just like the rest of the candles in the line, Hearthwick candles use the PlusWick design to give off that authentic fireplace crackle and a level of fragrance you won’t believe until you experience it for yourself.