WoodWick Candles Are Special

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Nothing is better than watching the warm glow of a candle fame flicker on a cold winter day. Many candles often produce a pleasing scent that fills the room and brings back visions of happy memories. The makers of WoodWick candles decided to add a third component to their popular candles, sound.

WoodWick candles have a natural wood wick making this unique candle something special. The flickering flame, the slight fragrance, and the soothing sound delight all the senses to create a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere which is a relief after a long workday.

The Virginia Candle Company who manufactures the luxury WoodWick candles focuses on high-quality, innovative products. The unique design of the wooden wicks creates the soothing sound of a crackling fire while releasing the fragrance from the melting wax. The candles burn clean, so there is no smoke.

The candles are made of paraffin and natural soy wax blends with the fragrance evenly mixed throughout the entire candle. This ensures the candle burns evenly, and the fragrance is released throughout the entire burn cycle. Most of the large jar candles burn for up to 180 hours.

WoodWick candles are available in many scents. They offer several signature fragrances. The Glowing Embers candles balance the natural scents of the outdoors to perfectly capture the essence of a comfy evening by the glow of a warm fire. The Summer Sweets candle has three layers of colored wax. Each layer is a different fragrance of summer fruits.

WoodWick candles are stylish are highly coveted by candle lovers everywhere. They are made of high-quality ingredients and burn a longer than any other candle.

If you are looking for inspiration for the perfect gift, or you want one for yourself, why not browse for WoodWick candles near me. You will be glad you did.