Hiring the Right Electrical Contractor in Cape Girardeau

Electronics and Electrical

Whether you have failing circuit breakers in your home or plan to build a new addition for your business in Missouri, electrical contractors perform a wide variety of services. It’s best to call them due to the dangerous nature of working on an electrical system in any structure. However, not all electricians are alike. When you are looking for the best electricians Cape Girardeau MO offers, following is some of the experience they should have.


A quality electrical contractor will offer commercial services that reach a variety of facilities and institutions. A few of these include hotels, municipalities, warehouses, colleges and universities, and more. Many contractors are an important part in new construction and renovation services for businesses.


The growing complexity of home electrical designs should be left to a qualified electrical contractor. If you project includes a new build, networking, restoration, design work, and security systems, a qualified contractor will have experience in some or all of these areas. 


When selecting a contractor, look for special projects in their portfolio. Unique or one-of-a-kind facilities require advanced skills that many contractors don’t have. This includes government facilities, power generation stations, airports, and other unique structures.

Bates Electric is a leader in the delivery of a wide variety of electrical services. We are a market leader in many cities we serve. If you are looking for the best electricians Cape Girardeau MO offers, contact us today to discuss your project.