Different Situations that May Require Basement Repair in York

Foundation Repair

There are two specific types of foundations that are commonly used for homes. The first is a slab foundation. This is the standard option for a house that does not have a basement. For homes that have basements, the exterior walls, and sometimes the interior basement walls, will provide the proper structural support and act as the foundation for the home. That’s why any cracks or any damage to these walls can be especially troubling and could require the services of professional Basement repair in York.

The types of repairs that are going to be needed to basement walls can vary depending on the age of the home, the soil surrounding the home and where the home is located. For example, homes that are located on floodplains or that are in a location that is susceptible to flash flooding may have issues with moisture. Moisture can saturate the soil around the basement and begin to seep in through porous walls. Unfortunately, this can make small cracks in the basement walls much larger. Over time, if left unattended, this could actually cause the walls to begin to deteriorate and make the home structurally unsound.

Other issues have to do with extreme temperature changes. Homes, where the weather gets extremely cold, can significantly damage basement walls over the years. Homes that have been abandoned for extended periods of time often show different issues with the basement walls, which will require Basement repair in York. Mostly, it’s loose bricks in a standard brick or cinder block wall construction. Other times, the soil may push in the basement walls, causing a lack of structural stability.

The important thing to understand is that potential problems with the basement walls are far too numerous to mention in this article. That’s why, whether it’s a new home and you begin to notice cracks in the basement walls, or you have an older home where the basement walls have been neglected for many years, contacting a company like KeystoneFoundationRepair.com is a good first step. They can come to your home, inspect the basement walls, diagnose the problem and act quickly to rectify the problem, however, minor or however, significant the repairs may be.