What Should You Expect from Construction Management Companies in Denver?

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What you expect from construction management companies in Denver and what you get sometimes do not quite match up, but that does not mean you should lower your expectations. It means you need a different management company. There are some very clear and fair expectations that any company that calls themselves a construction management company should easily be able to provide you with.

The Expectations

One of the priority expectations that you should have is “open communication”. While you do not want to have to receive a phone call for every obstacle you do want to be included in the progress of the job. Progress notes, work orders, fairly estimated deadlines, changes in the work flow and of course any unforeseen circumstances should all be communicated. You do not want to have to chase anyone down for information. The information should come to you regularly. ,

Communication is vital, but not the only fair expectation that you should have. You should also expect and receive:

  • Realistic feedback
  • Honest estimations
  • Timely responses to your questions

Realistic feedback is to the point and not presented in a way that can be confusing. You need simple answers that are relayed in an honest manner. You should expect that if there is going to be delays that will be conveyed and that information will be coupled with honest estimations of what the expected date of completion will be. If you have a question there should be no delay in the response. There should be someone that is accountable to you and that someone should be able to answer your questions without having to spend days checking.

Get It in Writing

Get everything in writing. Put all your expectations down in writing so there is no confusion in what services you expect to be provided. Any firm that is committed to their clients will not hesitate to agree to what they have to offer in a contract. It is always best for both parties if everything is spelled out and agreed to.


Getting what you expect really comes down to how committed the construction management companies are to your project and their core principals when it comes to providing their services. A commitment to your project and to providing you with full transparency every step of the way is imperative. If you are not getting the level of commitment that you expected than you are with the wrong firm.

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