Deciding to Stay Open on Christmas Day

Indoor & Outdoor Digital Displays

Not very long ago, there were only a handful of businesses that were open on Christmas day. Now, many types of businesses are open for business on Christmas due to demand. Movie theaters are one of the businesses that keep almost normal hours on Christmas day. Some movie studios are releasing movies on Christmas day in an attempt to try to be involved in Christmas sales. Updating an outdoor full color LED display before Christmas can make a difference in Christmas day sales.

Businesses that stay open on Christmas day don’t necessarily have to worry about so much competition, but they do still have to think about making enough money to justify staying open on a holiday. Traditionally, many people stay at home with their families to enjoy a meal together and exchange presents. In recent years, people are spending more of their Christmas day outside of their homes to shop for last minute presents or do activities with their families.

Get Ready, Get Set

Preparing to stay open on Christmas day should start directly after Thanksgiving. A business needs to do a lot of marketing to let customers know about holiday hours and possible sales. Creating an attractive outdoor display can encourage customers to visit a business on Christmas day.

Along with decorations, updating the facade of the building with an outdoor full color LED display can help attract customers and communicate holiday hours. The LED display can be programmed with holiday imagery and store information that customers want to know about.

Making the decision to stay open on Christmas day can be difficult for some business owners, especially small business owners. It’s difficult to speculate whether overhead costs will be covered from any sales made on Christmas day. But preparing ahead of time for Christmas sales and creating an inviting atmosphere can help boost sales on Christmas day.