Benefits of Using a Foam Roller for Painting


If you paint for a living, you want some of the finest supplies available. This ensures that you can do a good job and won’t have to spend more time on a project that you need to. When it comes to painting and sealing applications, you have two basic choices. You can use a brush or go with a natural or foam roller for painting jobs. Rollers offer many advantages over brushes and here are a few reasons to use rollers.


If you put two painters side by side and gave one brushes and the other rollers, the roller-equipped painter will get the job done faster. Why is this true? Rollers hold more paint than brushes because they are more absorbent. Think about this. If you can get a painting job done is 8 hours with a roller and 24 hours with a brush, which one should you choose?

Ease of Use

A natural material or foam roller for painting is easier to use than painting brushes. When you use a brush, you must dip it into the paint and then wipe off the excess on your pan or paint can. This takes extra time and more work. However, when you use rollers, you simply dip them in the pan and they are so absorbent, there is no wiping. In some cases, you may need to squeeze the roller against the pan, if it absorbs too much, but this doesn’t take long.


When you use a foam roller for painting, the application is very easy. Just roll it on and when it runs low, dip it in the paint pan. If you use an extension with your rollers, you can paint ceilings and hard to reach areas without a ladder. This makes it safer for you or your crew and can limit accidents on the job.