Custom Eco-Friendly Homes

Custom Home Builder

There are times when you want everything to go your way, and building your dream home is one of them. We can build anything from the popular tiny home to a grand estate in whatever style you want, and make it fit your budget and lifestyle. We are one of Prescott AZ’s best and greenest builders, and have what it takes to build a house that you will love to call your home for many years to come. R.E.S. Contracting has many years of practice in building custom homes in the area. You can see our portfolio on our site as well as read what homeowners really think. We offer a quality built, energy efficient custom home, with a pleasant overall experience.

Go Green to Save Green

Building in Arizona’s high desert is a task best left to firms that understand the unique needs that a home has, and just how much that AC bill can be in the summer, as well as how cold it can really get in the winter. Despite being in the desert, we have a real four season climate. We use green building techniques to deliver a house that doesn’t just stand around and look good. In fact, we have been an Energy Star partner since 2008, with a total of 14 certified homes completed in the Prescott area. We’re an eco-friendly home builder with 2 years of construction experience.

Saving money on energy costs has never been easier, and we’ll walk you through what you’ll need in your home to keep your power bills down, while still keeping the lights on and everyone comfortable. It’s the details like solar roofs, tankless water heaters, quality triple-glazed windows and patio doors, and other touches that will get you addicted to saving money. You’d be amazed how much money literally does out those old windows every month.

Understanding Quality

When you want a quality home, you start with a quality builder. You need experience and professionalism to get the job off the paper and onto your build-able lot. We’ve been here for 25 years, and we’re here to stay for this house, and even for your next one. Whatever sized project you have in mind, we have the know-how to hand it over to you with a bow on it. Call us and get a complete solution for building your home from our experienced team at R.E.S. Contracting.

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