Apartments in Downtown San Diego-Experience the Difference

Real Estate

You have options for apartments in downtown San Diego. You can choose just an apartment, a place to hang your hat and call home or you can choose a lifestyle. You do not have to just have an apartment you can have a home. There is a clear difference between apartments and apartment homes.

Just an Apartment

Just an apartment basically is a box with a few rooms here and there. They can be nice but not very welcoming. In some cases you almost feel like you are a permanent resident in a not so great hotel. You can invest your real estate dollars in an apartment and not get a lot of living out of it. It can be the place where you go to eat, sleep and shower but in this type of scenario you really do not have room to entertain too many people and while it is nice it also feels a little utilitarian.

A Lifestyle

Now there are some apartments where the “apartment” part is really just the beginning. When you are buying into a lifestyle you are getting so much more than just a place to hang your hat, sleep, eat and shower. When you buy into a building that offers a prime lifestyle you are expanding your horizons a great deal. You can expect:

  • A concierge service to help with your every need

  • A place to sit and relax with friends while you all take a dip in the pool

  • A beautiful setting that overlooks the ocean and the city skyline

The difference between an apartment and a lifestyle is that with the lifestyle home feels like a vacation paradise while the apartment feels like something you cannot wait to get out of. Spacious common areas where you can meet with friends and neighbors, amenities that are in line with a 5 star hotel and an apartment that is nicely appointed and tastefully styled all beckon for your presence.

If You Are Looking for an Apartment Choose a Lifestyle Instead

Use your real estate dollars wisely. Instead of just settling for a place to live, turn to a lifestyle that will change your perspective on city living. You do not have to live in the suburbs to have a roomy space to live. You do not have to give up your metropolitan lifestyle to be able to really feel like you are home.

Pacific Gate offers the apartments in downtown San Diego that are a lifestyle. Don’t settle for just a place to hang your hat, look to Pacific Gate for a place to call home!