An Aurora Child Custody Lawyer Can Help Single Parents


Issues related to child custody are not restricted to divorced couples, they are also faced by unmarried parents of a child. In times like these, a child custody lawyer can help parents get through the legal maze of child custody. In most cases, the single mother is automatically bestowed custody rights. If an unmarried couple decides to part ways, the father is not automatically given any custody rights, but can take certain steps for custody if he wishes to do so. Likewise, it is important for single mothers to understand how they might possibly lose custody of their child. Seeking help from custody attorneys, will give you the opportunity to understand child custody laws and take the best course of action.

Rights of Single Mothers and Unmarried Fathers

In case of unmarried couples, the single mother is automatically given custody of the child, even when paternity is ascertained, and the father’s name is present on the child’s birth certificate. However, if the unmarried father seeks custody, an Aurora child custody lawyer can advise best on how they can demonstrate that this step is in the best interest of the child. A single mother can also seek the help of an Aurora child custody lawyer if the child’s father or a third party seek custody of the child.

Factors Taken into Consideration Before Granting Custody

Courts determine what is in the best interest of the child by studying the background of each parent and considering a number of factors. A good Aurora child custody lawyer will tell you that if the children are of a mature age, their preference to live with a specific parent will carry a lot of weight. The bond between child and parent, child and siblings or extended family will also be scrutinized. The comfort level of the child with regard to the existing surroundings; primarily home and school, will be considered.

Who Is the Better Parent?

Your attorney will need to establish you as the better parent in a custody matter. Courts will consider if any of the parents have a background of emotional disorders or physical health issues that are likely to hinder their ability to provide for and take care of the child. They will also check if either parent has a drug or alcohol abuse history. If the child has been exposed to any sort of mental, physical or sexual abuse, judges will tread very carefully in this matter.

A custody battle often becomes very emotional and pits family members against one another. Hiring an experienced Aurora child custody lawyer, will provide you with the required assistance you need and provide some peace of mind.