Tips For Selecting Eaton Pushbutton Switches

Electronics and Electrical

There are many different companies that produce pushbutton switches, but for a variety of different applications and devices, the various options in Eaton pushbutton switches are considered one of the best options.

These pushbutton switches are known for their style and design as well as their durability and long life even in very demanding types of work environments. You will find these types of switches, which can be illuminated or non-illuminated, in everything from consumer electronic products to medical and laboratory equipment.

They are also found in vehicles, computers, instrumentation panels and even for test equipment in a wide variety of industrial applications. With the option to be used on AC or AC/DC rated power, these are the go-to pushbutton switches for most manufacturers and prototype developers.

Design Options

The AC rated pushbutton switches are small and streamlined, offering slow-make and slow-break contacts that require only light pressure to turn the circuit on and off. These can have different button styles from a very small button to a larger button in a range of different colors and mounting options.

These switches are ideal for flush mounting, one-hole mounting and snap-on mounting depending on the style selection. They also feature an anti-rotation feature for the button, which keeps the switch correctly positioned at all times.

The illuminated AC/DC rated switches are often found on electronic equipment, office equipment and on computers and other types of technology equipment. The lamps or the illumination component is stationary in the switch, resulting in less wear and tear on wiring during the on and off depression of the pushbutton.

These Eaton pushbutton switches come in a variety of color options for the actual button, allowing ease of identification of the different switches on the device. They are also large enough to allow for hot stamping or engraving of the surface of the pushbutton to clearly label the switch.

The lighting source in these Eaton pushbutton switches is an incandescent lamp that operate at up to 10% blow the rated voltage, which extends the lamp life by almost half, providing years of use with consistent illumination.

It will be important to consider the use of the pushbutton switches to determine the best design, features and even size. Larger buttons are more commonly associated with the large consumer products while smaller buttons are used on smaller products as well as on control panels where space is a critical factor.