Creative Options for Your Hearth in Your New Jersey Home


Ask experts in home design and décor about the many secondary elements in a home, and they’ll never have just one answer. This is as true of decorating decisions like wallpaper or sink fixtures as it is of molding and the hearth around a fireplace. In this article, we’ll look at the many ways that owners finish their fireplace or wood stove areas, and what sorts of options prevail.

The Fireside Friend
A hearth is a defensive barrier. It is what is used to surround any fuel-burning appliance. That could be your old-fashioned wood stove made of cast iron or stylishly covered in porcelain, but just as easily could be your fireplace. Traditionally, natural stone is used to surround a fire and yet not just one type of stone is chosen. You can find as many types of hearth-materials as you can home, and so we’ll look briefly at the options best suited to work:

  • Limestone – The least costly of the hearthstone options, it is usually too soft to stand up to the intensity of wood burning appliances like a wood stove. Though it doesn’t crack or scratch, it also doesn’t absorb heat evenly, and so you might find it too hot to touch in areas close to the actual flame.
  • Granite – This is the mid-range option and is one of the most common choices of them all. Very hard, heavy and durable it is also available in many unique colors and patterns. You can leave it “as is” in an unpolished and rougher state or you can have it polished and smoothly shiny.
  • Sandstone – This is a sedimentary rock with lots of different mineral fragments. It is the most resistant to weathering and wear and tear and comes in many lovely hues.

You can also opt for bluestone for a hearth in your New Jersey home, and have it finished in any number of edges and patterns. To find a wide array of options and customizable materials, contact Business Name. where a stunning range of dimensional stone treads can serve as some of the most beautiful customizable hearths, too. Whether you opt for bluestone in a lovely array of hues or you go with granite, sandstone, limestone or another variety, you’ll have a wide choice that meets any sort of design or décor.