5 Car Buying Mistakes You’ll Want to Avoid at the Dealership

Ford Dealer

Prevent car buying mistakes. Here’s a look at common pitfalls you’ll want to avoid when you shop around for a car.

Buying at first sight

Don’t be an emotional buyer, the Consumer Reports says. When you scout for options at a Ford used car dealership in Oak Ridge TN, consider several factors before you pick a car.


It doesn’t make sense to put yourself in debt for the next few years because of a car. Don’t buy one that’s well over your budget. You may think that a few hundreds more every month won’t matter. But those extra hundreds stack up and could make it difficult for you to live comfortably on what you earn.

Zero research

Know what you want out of a car, what features you’re looking for, and which models match those specs. Research all that before you step into a Ford used car dealership in Oak Ridge TN. If you don’t know anything, you could easily be persuaded to buy a car that may turn out to be all sorts of wrong for you.

Skipping the test drive

Try out the car before you buy it. Taking it out for a test drive can tell you a lot. Does it handle corners well? Does everything work or did you encounter any signs of problems? Did you hear any rattles, grinding or squealing noises? If that’s the case, you may need to reconsider your options.

Focusing on monthly payments

Low monthly payments aren’t a guarantee that you’re getting a good deal. Focus on how much you’re going to spend on the car, overall, including the interest rates. That’s going to help you figure out if you’ve got a good deal or not.

Avoid these buying mistakes when you shop around for a car and you’ll be that much closer to finding the right one.