Tips For Extending The Life Of your F-150

Ford Dealer

The Ford line of trucks, and particularly the F-150, is an exceptional vehicle that is versatile and practical while also offering a luxury interior and the latest in state-of-the-art technology. For buyers in and around Alexandria, LA, this a Ford truck that can last for years of reliable driving with minimal maintenance requirements and high levels of dependability.

Regular Maintenance

One of the most important aspects of owning the F-150 in Alexandria LA, as with any new or pre-owned vehicle on the road, is to keep current with all scheduled maintenance. The maintenance schedule is based on mileage and is found in the owner’s manual. It is also available through online resources, from Ford dealerships, or just at the parts and service department.

Consider Towing and Payload Capacity

The new F-150 has a towing capacity of up to 11,300 pounds and a payload of up to 2,238 pounds. To ensure top performance and to avoid shortening the life of the vehicle, avoid attempting to tow or carry anything over that maximum capacity.

Keep in mind, the model, the packages, and the features selected for the new truck will have an impact on the towing and payload maximum amounts. Body style will also impact the towing and cargo capacity.

Use the Ford Dealership for Repairs

Most garages and mechanics in and around Alexandria, LA, can work on Ford trucks. However, choosing to use the Ford dealership for scheduled maintenance and repairs ensures only genuine Ford OEM parts are used, and all service is done by Ford trained technicians.