Choosing Materials for Exterior Window Shutters in Sarasota, FL

Windows and Doors

There are two basic kinds of shutters; there are interior shutters and exterior window shutters. As the name implies, exterior shutters go outside of your windows. While they have many of the same functions as interior shutters, the exterior shutters are mostly for keeping your home protected from dangerous weather. In a storm, there are many dangers. The biggest danger from the strong winds of a storm is actually the debris that flies on the wind. The debris is often enough to shatter a glass window even if you have storm windows. In order to avoid that, many people put shutters outside of their windows to protect the glass.

Wooden Shutters

Wooden exterior window shutters in Sarasota, FL are easily the most common. Wood is popular for shutters because it is a very diverse material that can look many different ways. It can be painted so that the shutters take on any color you want. Also, it can be stained so that the wood grain still shines through but the shutters are a different color. Finally, it can just be sealed so that it is waterproof and protected but looks the same as bare wood. Each kind of wood preparation has advantages. If you want to reduce the amount of heat that is absorbed on sunny days, you should consider a light color.

You can find many different types of shutters at Blinds & Designs. There are shutters made from wood as well as other materials.

Faux Wood

Faux wood is very popular for exterior window shutters as well. Faux wood is a product that is made from created materials. The created materials tend to be waterproof and resistant to the weather. They will not form a home for bugs or other pests even if they get wet. They also won’t degrade over time as the weather affects them.