If Benefits Are Denied, Can A VA Disability Attorney Help?


The VA is the first to admit that a VA disability attorney can improve the chances of securing benefits once the case reaches the appeal stage. Data indicates that veterans that appealed their denial of benefits without legal assistance were denied close to 40 percent of the time while those with an attorney were denied less than 20 percent of the time.

Attorneys know the rules, complex regulations and the law:

There are very strict rules, regulations, and laws that the VA must work with when they review a claim for disability benefits. Because of the complexity, there is a very high error rate; even the VA has trouble trying to understand and apply the rules correctly. The VA admits to a 14 percent error rate when reviewing claims. However, independent studies have found that the error rate is closer to 38 percent, a far cry from the error rate admitted to by the VA.

A VA disability attorney must be accredited, to maintain their status; they are obliged to stay current on ever-changing rules and procedures.

Building a winning case:

Using all available evidence, seasoned VA disability attorneys can build a strong case, one that will prove that you meet all the eligibility requirements and should be granted benefits. Attorneys and their staff know how to find the evidence that is required to support the case. They can gather expert opinions and statements from witnesses that support the contention that the injury or illness is directly related to your years in the military.

Attorneys may reduce delays:

No attorney can guarantee that you will win your claim, nor can he or she speed up the appeals process. However, experienced attorneys can gather any and all evidence and supporting date quicker; this gets the process started and finished faster. Knocking even a few weeks off at each stage of the process can quickly add up.

A VA disability attorney can make the difference between winning and losing your claim for benefits. To discuss your particular case contact Jackson & MacNichol, Attorneys at Law.