The Dry Vacuum Pump: Oil Free To Eliminate Contamination

Industrial Goods and Services

Vacuum systems have several basic applications:

1. To remove excess air
2. To eliminate surplus reactants and/or undesirable by-products
3. To decrease the boiling point
4. To dry dissolved substances
5. To create a pressure variance for instigating material transport

Very different types of vacuum pumps are available to fill these diverse purposes, including the dry vacuum pump oil free and ready to eliminate contamination issues.

Dry or Oil-Free Vacuum Pumps: The Basics

Vacuum technology has been changing over the past few years. New pumps are making it easier for providing certain services. In the past decade, the common oil-sealed (OS) mechanical rotary pump is no longer as common in specific applications. Instead, several industrial concerns are looking to dry vacuum pumps.

A dry vacuum pump, oil free essentially, is in demand in industries where the production process does not want or cannot have oil. This type of pump does not employ any process fluid. This avoids the problem of any leaking into the production procedure. Food processing, pharmaceuticals and many laboratories involved in research simply cannot risk oil contamination. They, therefore, prefer what a dry vacuum pump offers. They can choose from any of the following types:

 * Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps: These dry positive-displacement pumps operate using a pulsing motion

 * Scroll Vacuum Pumps: Also known as scroll vacuum pumps or spiral compressors, these utilize two Archimedean spiral scroll pumps to compress, pressurize or pump liquids

 * Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps: These are highly efficient pumps

Selection will depend upon the intended use, the material involved and the environment.

Vacuum Pump: Oil Free for Reason

Dry vacuum pumps are an alternative to OS pumps. Many industries prefer them. This vacuum pump oil free in nature, eliminates severe problems such as oil contamination. Installing such a pump also removes the need for traps and filters. The pumps also readily operate in various environments including labs and food processing facilities.