Choosing a Child Physician in Columbus, MS


Are you expecting your first child? Do you find yourself in need of a Child Physician in Columbus MS? Parents in this situation often wonder what they should be looking for in a doctor of this type. Children’s Health Center of Columbus Inc. recommends you select a doctor by taking the following steps.

Determine exactly what is important to you. Do you want a pediatrician, one who only treats children or would you prefer to have a doctor who will see the whole family? Some find it is easier to have a doctor close to their child’s future school or where they work, yet others want ones close to the home or babysitter. You’ll need to determine this before proceeding. Many need to consider the type of insurance they have and choose a doctor from the list the insurance works with. In addition, consider the hours of the doctor, as children often get sick outside of business hours.

Once you know what you need in a Child Physician in Columbus MS, you’ll want to consider your parenting style. Are you looking for a doctor who allows you to set your own schedule for vaccines, or do you plan on homeschooling your child and want a physician who understands this? Although things may change once the child is born, this helps to narrow your list when you are first starting out. You’ll want a physician who shares views similar to yours, therefore the next step will be to interview any doctors you are thinking of using.

Set up an appointment to meet with the doctor. This allows you to not only check out his or her office, but also to meet staff members. You’ll want to have a list of questions ready to ask the doctor, ensuring you don’t forget anything during the actual meeting. Questions you may wish to ask revolve around things such as who sees the child when his or her doctor is unavailable, which hospitals the doctor is affiliated with, and is there a nurse on call to answer any questions you have during normal office hours.

Your interaction with the doctor is of great importance. Does he or she listen to you and allow you to ask questions? Do they talk about safety and development issues? If not, continue looking. You need to find someone who respects you and values your input. It is your child!