Why Choose Tooth Implants in Kona?


A single missing tooth can cause migration or premature wear of other teeth. It can also mean gum problems and poor aesthetics. In addition, these issues can cause significant mastication and digestive disorders. To remedy this, two solutions are available: Dentures or Tooth Implants in Kona. Visit Carteryokoyamadds.com for more details.

Resolution of a dental implant

Dental implantology is a technique that aims to replace a tooth root when it is decayed or has to be extracted. These are artificial tooth roots, which are fixed into the jaw bone and is intended to receive a dental prosthesis, either a dental crown or denture. To understand what a dental implant is, dentists will sometimes have an image of one on their office wall. In the case of an implant, it is the bolt, and the dental prosthesis (or crown) is the replacement tooth.

Technical overview of the dental implant

An implant is a bolt-like device with a conical shape. Depending on the indication, it will be 10 to 15mm long and 3 to 5mm wide. The material used is titanium, which is completely biocompatible. There is no intolerance that has been demonstrated to date. In addition, many studies have shown that the bone naturally sticks to titanium. This explains the success of the implant technique. The new trend is to use zirconia. The safety is the same as for titanium, and it provides the aesthetic advantage of being white. However, there is less decline, in terms of the strength.

Advantages of dental implants

1. Bone preservation: Even if only one tooth is missing, the jawbone retracts. The implant can preserve the jawbone.

2. Aesthetics: A dental prosthesis placed on an implant offers the best aesthetic result, compared to a natural tooth.

3. Masticatory function is restored: Each tooth has a specific function. Incisors cut, canines tear, premolars and molars crush. When one or more teeth are missing, masticatory forces are transferred to the other teeth. In addition, digestion will not occur correctly, and this is the general state of health that most dentists will find weakened.

4. Security: The technique of dental implants is well developed in America. The success rate of the procedure is 95%.

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