How To Find a Reputable Roofing Company in Granite City After a Storm


Thunderstorms, tornadoes and high winds can cause roof damage. Whether your roof repair is covered by your insurance or you will be paying for the service out of your pocket, you need to choose a reputable company to inspect your roof and repair the damage. Unfortunately, Granite City homeowners may be contacted by unethical roofers in the days after a storm. These tips will help you find the right company so your repairs will be done correctly and for a reasonable price.

If your damage may be covered by insurance, call your insurer first to find out if you need to get your service from any particular contractor. In most cases, insurance companies allow homeowners to choose their contractor and the company reimburses the homeowner for their expenses, minus any applicable deductible. It is important to ask first, though, before choosing a roofing company in Granite City to do your repairs.

Reputable roofing contractors do not typically knock on doors with high-pressure sales tactics. Though they may claim to have lower prices or leftover materials from another job, they may not be properly licensed or offer a valid warranty. While you may be anxious to get your roof repaired, getting it done right is more important than getting it done quickly. Check the credentials of any contractor that comes to your door offering to repair your roof.

Insist on a free estimate before you have any work done on your roof. The estimate should be clearly written and contain the name, license number and contact information for the roofing company in Granite City. Many homeowners get more than one estimate so they can compare prices verify that the first estimate is accurate. Be sure you understand the estimate before you sign a contract with a roofing repair company.

The contract proposal should include all of the work the roofer will do, the materials that will be used, starting and completion dates, length of the warranty and payment methods. It is also important to find out who will be responsible for damage caused during the repair and who will clean up after the roofers. If you don’t understand the contract, don’t sign until the contractor explains it to your satisfaction.