Invisalign and Your Local Cosmetic Dentist Mesa AZ


Correct alignment of the teeth used to be a chore, for both the patient and the dentist. A Cosmetic Dentist Mesa AZ would spend countless hours designing metal braces so they could be used to correct the misalignment of teeth. Similarly, the patient would spend days putting up with metal braces that did not work as it was supposed to. Times have changed, and modern day dentistry has been technologically blessed with features like Invisalign. Visit website for more information.


1. Invisalign is transparent: Note the term Invisalign, the “invis” means invisible. Invisalign is a device that is created from transparent plastic, which means that others never realize you are wearing them! Compare this with traditional braces, and the whole neighborhood knows that you have them on! This is the main advantage of investing in this type of orthodontics.

2. Functionality: Dentists can now compare the affectivity of transparent braces and metal braces before patients even put them on. Using 3D computer technology, the orthodontist can see exactly how long, and effective, your treatment will be. Metal braces lose their functionality within a couple of weeks. In simpler terms, the tension forces acting on teeth decrease over a certain amount of time. However, with Invisalign, you have a product that is made from high quality plastic. The tensile strength will never decrease over time. The result can be realized in a matter of weeks.

With every advantage, though, there are disadvantages. These are listed below.


1. Invisalign must be removed for a couple hours each day: This may not seem like a very disadvantageous situation. But, whenever a patient drinks or eats something, they must remove the aligner. This is done to maintain the integrity of the sanitation involved. Food particles could lodge between the braces and teeth and it will lead to additional problems. According to your local Cosmetic Dentist Mesa AZ, the product must be kept intact for a minimum of 22 hours per day.

2. Invisalign is expensive: This is an important factor, which has limited the popularity of the procedure. You need to invest heavily on this type of technology.

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