Chimney Sweeps in Silver Spring Prevent Home Fires


Chimney cleaning is often ignored, as most people simply do not understand the nature of chimney cleaning and the safety issues involved. Fire and other safety experts all recommend that chimneys be inspected at least once per year. In cases where wood burning appliances are used extensively, more frequent inspection are strongly recommended. Chimney inspections are intended to keep families safe, and should be on every family’s to-do list.

Annual inspections allow Chimney Sweepers in Silver Spring to not only clean the chimney, but also to spot any problems that could cause health or safety issues for homeowners. Cleaning a chimney before use clears any obstructions that would, left unchecked, prevent dangerous exhaust gases from escaping. A primary cause of carbon monoxide poisoning around the nation is a plugged flue. Cleaning removes those obstructions.

Creosote buildup is also a significant problem. Creosote is a flammable deposit that builds up on interior chimney walls, especially where wood buring devices are in use. If ignited, a creosote fire can quickly spread, with total home loss a very real possibility. Where wood burning appliances are in use, annual cleaning may not be enough, as continual use allows deposits to develop quickly. The amount of buildup is dependent on many factors, including type of wood being burned and the heat of the fires, so it would be wise to discuss specific recommendations with a chimney professional.

In addition to regular cleanings and inspections, chimneys must be maintained. Chimney Sweeps in Silver Spring also provide a full menu of services needed to keep chimneys functioning properly. Area experts like Priddy Clean Chimney Sweeps, Inc. (domain URL) repair all types of chimneys and fireplaces. In addition, area professionals routinely repair or reseal chimney flashings to prevent water damage to the chimney or interior spaces. Chimney caps designed for the every type of chimney are also needed to prevent water or animals from entering the chimney, and area chimney specialists add or repair chimney caps as needed.

Chimney sweeps work diligently to maintain the safety of Maryland area homeowners and their families. The services they offer ensure that a home’s chimneys are safe and functioning as they were intended. Make sure to schedule routine chimney maintenance at least once per year.