Are Odd Things Happening in Your House? Call for Rodent Control in Decatur, TX

Pest Control

Even one mouse or rat is bad enough to want to get rid of it. When there’s an infestation, the urgency is even greater. Even so, it may be surprising to learn that many infestations go undetected until they are extremely advanced. Here are some signs that it’s time to call for rodent control in Decatur, IL.

The Haunted House Syndrome

The best way to describe this is simply that your house has many of the symptoms that Hollywood likes to associate with hauntings. You hear loud bangs from random places, especially at night; your lights begin to flicker; and small items may even get moved. Any of these things are highly disconcerting, especially since they seem like they couldn’t be the result of rodent activity.

What’s really going on is that the mice or rats are running into the sides of the hollow walls from inside, hitting the ductwork, and other such things. Since they’re either inside of or running into hollow things, one tiny little rodent makes a resounding bang. The flickering lights are the result of rodents chewing on the wiring and otherwise directly interfering with the electrical system. As for the moved or disappearing small items, that’s rodents testing them to see if they will make a good meal or serve as nesting materials.

Food is Disappearing

If you have something like bird seed, sunflower seeds, or other foods that are made up of many small particles, you’ll likely notice that it’s running out faster than ever before. In that case, you’re feeding an extra mouth or 20. Since mice like to hide stashes of food, you may find a big pile of the material in some unexpected place like a drawer or even a shop-vac hose later on.

The Signs Have Become Obvious

When you actually see droppings, shredded paper, or even the rodents themselves, there’s no longer a need for any guessing. Call for rodent control in Decatur, IL from a company like

Of course, it’s best to have the exterminators come out long before the rodents are bold enough to run across the room right in front of you. As soon as you hear weird bangs, pick up the phone. Rodents that are left alone long enough to chew on the wiring, rip up your books, or dirty up your kitchen drawers will cost much more than the exterminator.