Four reasons to live in Santa Monica

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There are many reasons to live in an Oceanfront Condominium in Santa Monica. Here are just four of them:

1. Food and Drink: Santa Monica is a Mecca for fine dining, upscale bars and the best possible baked delights. However it is also an area with a small town feel and wonderful cafés, diners, casual dining experiences and bistros to explore and enjoy. You will never be at a loss for a new place to try or an old favorite to visit every Friday night. The food is wonderful for dining in as well as taking out and delivery so those nights when you just want to sit back and relax delicious food is just a phone call away.

2. The Beach: The beach is a reason to live in many coastal towns in California but the beach in Santa Monica is particularly beautiful. Boasting many sights such as the Pacific Wheel and opportunities to enjoy a swim at tower 26 you will never be bored of the beach. There are also miles of boardwalk for biking, walking and roller blading and lovely spots to read, sun and relax.

3. Rooftop Views: Not only will the oceanfront condominium in Santa Monica provide you with a stunning view there are also dozens of rooftop bars and dining spots to watch the sunset and enjoy the starry skies at night. People love Santa Monica not only for the ocean views but for lovely mountain views as well. You are flanked by beauty from all angles and will never get bored with the wondrous sights nature has to offer in Santa Monica.

4. Culture: There is a wonderful community for art and music in Santa Monica. From galleries to artisans such as jewellers and live music available at a number of street festivals you will never be left hungering for culture. You can bring a blanket and enjoy listening to jazz on the lawn at the city hall or bump into any number of musicians on the street. You can choose to view the many galleries or experience shopping for art supplies for your own artistic expression.

As you can see living in an oceanfront condominium in Santa Monica will not only provide you with a luxurious, comfortable home, but a lovely, cultured city as well. If you are looking for an oceanfront condominium in Santa Monica The Seychelle luxury condos have the beautiful views you will love. Visit  or call 310.394.1100.