Roofing Contractors in Indianapolis, IN can Inspect, Repair and Replace Roofs


After riding out a severe storm, many homeowners are just glad that they have power. They forget that high winds and hail can damage the structural integrity of a roof. If the damage isn’t found early, then it can lead to water damage throughout the home. Homeowners can call Roofing Contractors in Indianapolis, IN to come out after a storm and perform an inspection. They will carefully make sure that the shingles and flashing are attached securely. Gutters are an integral part of the roofing system and they need to be securely in place to prevent run-off from damaging the siding and foundation.

MER Roofing is a local company that is adept at working with insurance companies to get a homeowner’s claim processed efficiently. They carefully inspect the home and prepare a detailed list of work that needs to be done. They then use industry standards to determine how much the job should cost to complete. When the insurance adjuster arrives at the home for their own inspection, an MER Roofing contractor will be there to make sure they see all of the items that need to be fixed. Because they understand the range of harsh weather conditions that can affect roofing materials in the Indianapolis region, they can select the best materials for a long-lasting roof.

Roofing Contractors in Indianapolis, IN have to be able to work with a variety of roofing materials to give their customers the most choices. MER roofing contractors are a certified by GAF and Certaineed to install their shingles. They are also certified Lomanco ventilation contractors and certified Quality Edge Flashing contractors. These designations ensure that they are current on the latest industry innovations and maintenance requirements. Proper inspections and maintenance can double the life of a roof.

When they arrive to do a job, they will work quickly and safely. They will have a dumpster located so that they will throw the old roofing materials in it and not on the lawn. When they are done, they will use powerful magnets to ensure that the landscape is clean and free of nails and other small items. This prevents small children and animals from cutting themselves or choking on them. Residents can click here to find out more about their services.