Important Questions About Animal Hospitals In Yorktown

Animal hospital

When you need veterinary care for your pets, you want to find the best animal hospital in your area. A full service vet clinic can diagnose, run lab tests and perform the necessary treatment at the office. You won’t have to wait on test results to come back from a far away lab, so your pet can start his treatment right away. Below you’ll learn the answers to common questions about Animal Hospitals in Yorktown.

Q.) What if my pet needs medical care in NY and I can’t get him to the animal hospital?

A.) Some veterinarian clinics offer mobile care and when you request this service, a qualified vet will come to your home to treat your pet. Some common reasons for mobile care may include an animal that is too sick or scared to be transported to the clinic, no transportation or just for convenience. When a veterinarian comes to your home, your pet will receive the same expert care and treatment as he would at the clinic.

Q.) What should I expect if my pet has to have surgery?

A.) On surgery day, you’ll have to bring your pet to the clinic in the morning for a pre-surgical exam and for preparation of the surgery. You’ll be able to pick up your pet or call about his condition later that afternoon. To stay at the hospital, your pet must have a current rabies shot. Dogs and cats must also be up to date on certain immunizations. This requirement is enforced to protect the other animals that are at the clinic.

Q.) What if my pet has an emergency. Will the veterinarian be able to see my pet immediately?

A.) If your pet needs emergency services, call the clinic before bringing him in. By calling ahead, the staff at the Animal Hospitals in Yorktown will have time to prepare for the emergency. If your pet needs immediate vet care in the evening or on the weekend, you can call the emergency veterinarian number.

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