Cheap Cigar Humidors Still Offer Great Benefits

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If you are a cigar smoker, and plan to keep a selection of cigars on hand at your home, you certainly need a humidor. In all reality, there is no other way to keep your cigars fresh and enjoyable for any length of time. Of course, many humidors are beautifully styled and cost a small fortune. However, cheap cigar humidors still offer great benefits to smokers so they can enjoy a quality cigar in their own time.

If you are a one-time cigar smoker, picking up one or two cigars at a smoke shop, or simply smoking with friends in social settings, you might be able to get by without a humidor. Though that would only be if you smoke a cigar immediately after obtaining it, and do not plan to save any for another time.

Then again, if you are looking to invest in cigars and would like to keep a few handy for whenever the mood strikes you, a cheap cigar humidor is a no-brainer. The reason is that even cheap cigar humidors provide the benefit of freshness. Many people may try to store cigars in plastic bags, or plastic or glass food storage containers, but the quality is nowhere near the same. Chances are, you may return to one of these and find your cigar far from pleasurable. Making an investment in a cheap cigar humidor is still an investment in quality.

On the topic of quality, it is important to select a humidor with a cedar wood liner. Spanish cedar is great, but all cedar will help regulate the humidity in the range of 60%-70%, which is ideal for storing cigars. The wood will not only server as a buffer to the outside elements, but will also keep pests away. You would hate looking forward to a nice, enjoyable smoke only to find a beetle has gotten into your fine selection and ruined it. Plus, cedar will help to add flavor to your cigar selection. Most experts prefer the taste of cigars that have become spicier with time in a Spanish cedar wood lined humidor.

It is vital that the cheap cigar humidor you find is still able to withstand the pressures of outside forces. After all, that is the reason for putting your cigars into one. It should be durable and solid. In general, heaviness is a fine quality to look for in a cigar humidor.