Are You Doing Anything To Help Wildlife Conservation?

by | May 24, 2014 | Clothing

It seems that almost every day we are bombarded with messages to save the planet by conserving, recycling, cutting emissions, fighting global warming, etc. Some of us may get fanatical about it and spend our energies either actually doing something about it, or, all too often, trying to convince others to do something. This is particularly true when it comes to animals, especially those that live in the wild (especially if they are photogenic).

At the other end of the spectrum are those who cannot be bothered and adopt an attitude of – “if I want to see animals; I go to a zoo and, if I want to see them in the wild; then, I can always tune into one of the nature channels on TV.”

However, the majority of us fall between these two extremes. What can we do?

Charitable Donations

We might not be willing to let concerns over climate change and animal conservation interfere with our lives, even though we feel a little guilty over our lack of positive action. Therefore, from time to time, we make a donation to a relevant charitable organization; or, we buy a product from someone who claims the proceeds go to an animal conservation organization.

Proclaiming Our Support

It assuages our conscience further if we let others know that we are supporting a charity. By wearing a badge or a pin or making a statement on a greeting card we are letting the world know where our thoughts lie. A prominent statement can be made if we wear save Wildlife conservation shirts.

Many of us have one of those brightly colored shirts that are sold at beach resort areas. They sort of blend in while you are on the beach, but, once you return home, the only time you might wear it again is at a Hawaiian themed, fancy dress party – even if such a shirt has animals printed on it, it isn’t really telling people that you are in favor of conservation. On the other hand, a T-shirt is considered to be acceptable casual wear in most places and todays methods for printing pictures on tees can produce fantastic looking reproductions of animal photographs. Wildlife conservation shirts of this type will not only be admired, but will also get your message across.

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