Bondsman in Iowa City, Iowa Will Save You From a World of Hurt

Bail Bond Service

Scared, unsure, angry, embarrassed, are feelings one may have when they become incarcerated. Not knowing what will happen in court, the apprehensive feeling of not being able to contact one’s work and not knowing if the job will be available upon release can be mentally damaging. The embarrassment that one deals with when being absent from family and friends for an extended period of time can potentially cause anger to grow within which is very unhealthy.

When a person is served with a warrant, they are taken to the downtown precinct. Once inside the precinct, the person charged goes through a series of identification markers such as a full inquiry of information and fingerprinting for the governments records. After being positively identified, one is taken to see a magistrate which will inform the person of the pending charges, provide a court date and also set a bond to be released prior to going to court. The bond that is set by the magistrate has to be paid in full if the accused person is trying to post bond which can make it difficult to be released because many of us do not walk around with much disposable cash. Once one is taken to the precinct there are no chances to stop by the bank or go back to the house to collect additional money.

The only rights that one has of the control of their property when in custody is the right to the property that is on their immediate person. However, a bondsman in Iowa City, Iowa is able to get one released for a percentage of one’s bond instead of having to post the whole bond. The percentage can vary from ten to fifteen percent of the bond total. To many, this is tremendously helpful because bonds can get to be very hefty in price. The bondsman will also take an inquiry of pertinent information so that the person charged can be found if they do not show up for court. Bondsmen are a life link when no one else may be able to help.

Wildside Bail Bonds are the bondsman you can turn to for fast bail bond service when you need it most. They can help you to bail a friend or family member out of jail without the stress of wondering when you will see them again.