Accurate, Easier Aim and Ammo Load Options

Glock Accessories

How easy is it to swap a magazine? Are you good at loading and maintaining your personal protection device, but need something a bit better than stock manufacturer kits?

When was the last time you checked your target placement? Are you firing accurately, and does your line of fire stay accurate over time? If you can remember the last time you looked into your firearms, firearm accessories or supplies, it’s time to take a look at a few options. Here are a few areas of improvement to keep in mind.

Magazine Extensions

Magazine extensions add a bit more ammunition without adding a lot more weight. A personal concealed carry weapon (CCW) doesn’t hold nearly as much as a rifle, but with a mag extension, you can stretch the single mag firing duration a bit longer.

Not all mag extensions are the same. Even if they’re marketed for a specific type such as a Glock magazine extension, some fly-by-night manufacturers may send poorly-machined extensions that are hard to attach or remove.

Even worse, the wrong design could jam the ammunition if it attaches and moves your ammo around the wrong way.

When looking for a Glock magazine extension, be sure to check reviews and look at the attachment area. Test it out a few times by adding, removing, and firing to see if the durability and alignment holds up.

Barrel Upgrades

Even if you perfect your personal shooting stance, arm alignment and hand positioning, your weapon can still fire poorly.

It can come down to anything from a poorly aligned barrel to an awkward ballistics system. If your barrel isn’t fit properly, has odd threading, is dirty, or has any other unplanned eccentricities, you may have unexpected firing that is hard to compensate.

Consider looking into aftermarket barrels with easy, drop-in designs and broach cut designs that suit your firing and accuracy needs. Test out different barrel types to get a fit for different firing options.

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