Beaumont Tractor Company Inc to Find Your Perfect ATV


Are you the type of person that enjoys a good adrenaline rush? Do you like the outdoors? One perfect way to get the most out of the outdoors with the rush you love is to get out on an ATV. One place for you to start looking for your perfect ATV is at Beaumont Tractor Company Inc.

The Can-Am ATVs offered can satisfy your every need and desire. Whether you are looking for something fast, something more along the lines of a workhorse, or a combination of the two, you will be able to find it.

One of the most luxurious ATVs on the market today is the Can-Am Outlander Max Limited. Just about any feature available on an ATV can be found on this machine. The air suspension provides a smooth ride on even the roughest terrain. Power steering allows you the ability to steer at low speeds with little effort. Cast aluminum wheels with Carlisle tires give you the traction to get through the mud. Long rides out in the woods are easily navigated with the assistance of the built-in touch screen Garmin GPS unit. These and many more features make the Outlander Max Limited among the best of the machines being sold today.

Looking for something more along the lines of a race ATV? The DS 450 X mx is right up your alley. There is no need to spend a small fortune in aftermarket suspension parts on this machine. Out of the box it is equipped with race shocks, wheels and tires. Dual A-arms provide the stability needed to maneuver around sharp turns and maintain complete control. Any rider up to 175 pounds can hop on this machine, head out to the track and expect superb performance from the start to the finish.

Each rider has their own preference in the machine that they ride. Can-Am offers a well diversified variety of machines so any rider can find the perfect machine. Look no further than Beaumont Tractor Company Inc to find the best ATV Lumberton has to offer for your next outdoor excursion or dirt track race.