Understanding Injury Types With The Help Of Personal Injury Attorneys In King George, VA


In the city of King George, VA, personal injury laws apply to any injury that was caused by acts of negligence. In legal terms, negligence encompasses a multi-facet of concepts, including failure to diagnose patients properly, to remedy known safety hazards, and choosing to drive while intoxicated. Anyone who is injured due to negligence should hire Personal Injury Attorneys in King George VA to represent them.

Types of Personal Injuries

Slip and fall injuries are common in areas such as shopping centers. They occur due to employee-based failures to clean up spills within the center’s flooring. Owners who are aware of hazards within their business location, they are liable when an injury occurs.

Explosions are likely within construction areas. Contractors who intend on using explosives in these work areas are required to notify the public in advance. They are also required by law to post signs throughout the designated work area to prevent injuries.

Dog bites are sustained due to the temperament of the animal or a series of unfortunate events. This makes the pet owner liable for medical coverage for the victim. However, if the pet owner can prove that the animal was provoked or abused by the victim, there is the possibility of a dismissal.

Public swimming pools are required to have a life guard on duty when there are occupants in the pool. However, some publicly-accessible areas are protected from liabilities by posting signs that state that the individuals are swimming at the own risk. This protection does not include defects or maintenance-based issues. If the pool is not up to code, the city or county officials responsible for maintaining the area are liable, when an accident occurs. Victims should contact Personal Injury Attorneys in King George VA to identify their rights.

Public or commercial transportation services are liable when an accident occurs. Any maintenance-based issues that occur and lead to an accident present a liability for the owners. This includes cab companies, transit bus systems, trains, and planes. Any occupant which sustains an injury due to unsafe conditions such as physical altercations, accidents, or negligence should contact Personal Injury Attorneys to file a claim. For more information, click here.