Basement Waterproofing in Wets Chester, PA Will Find the Source of the Leaks and Stop the Leaks There

Foundation Repair

There can be multiple causes for a basement that leaks. One common cause is Hydrostatic pressure and another is Capillary action. There are other, more common reasons, such as poor drainage around the home allowing the water to seep into the walls where the water finds an opening. Often, the concrete mixing truck allows the aggregate to harden in the concrete without being set solidly in the concrete. This will leave holes for the water to enter the basement.

Water travels and the visible leak is most likely not where the water is running a path. Water will travel a path and enter an opening some distance away from the point of origination. Many older homes have less than high quality basement walls, so there are plenty of places where water can create openings to the basement. It is impossible for the homeowner to know where the leak originates. They can only see where it enters the basement.

Water in the basement creates a health hazard because this is a perfect environment for black mold to grow in. Other bacteria can develop there as well. It is really imperative that the homeowner find the source of the water. There is only one way to find the cause of the leak and this is to hire Basement Waterproofing in West Chester, PA to find the sources of the leaks. Finding leaks requires training, experience and skill. The idea is find the place where removing dirt is required rather than dig up all of the yard.It is difficult to repair most leaks without working on the outside of the basement walls, but the work should be confined to as small an area as possible.

Some repair companies try to fix leaks from the inside of the basement, and this may be appropriate in some situations. However, these are very few in number. The repair company needs to explain where the leaks are originating from and how they will fix the leaks so that the homeowner fully understands the cause and the repair. Basement Waterproofing in West Chester, PA can provide this information, and make it easy to understand.