How Auto Repair Costs are Determined

Repair Services

There is no doubt about it…auto repair in Corvallis, OR can be quite expensive, especially if the cost of these repairs have to come out of pocket. Though many people grumble and even seemed shocked by the cost of auto repair in Corvallis, OR, there are reasons why the cost is what it is. There are several things that will go into the cost of an auto repair and shops will generally base their prices on three different factors…labor, parts and the cost of their business.

Labor Costs

Labor costs are generally the highest part of an auto repair bill. Typically each shop that is out there will have a specific “per hour” labor rate. You should make sure that you know this rate as well as the book time, which is the standard time it takes to get the repair done. You should remember, however, that not all repairs are the same and due to unforeseen circumstances it could take longer to perform your repair.

The Cost of Parts

Another thing that will go into your quote for auto repair is the price of parts. If you have a well known, domestic make and model, in general you can expect to pay less money on parts than if you have a car that is older, unusual or considered an import. You should also know that this is generally how a shop will make their money and it is fairly common to sell parts that are higher priced than you may find if you buy parts on your own. However, if you are getting your car repaired at a shop, you will need to use their parts. This is a business, just like anything else, and this is how they will make their profits.

Cost of Running a Business

Finally, there will usually be some type of fee rolled into the price for the cost of running the shop. For example, hiring skilled mechanics is not cheap, so that will be rolled into the quote. Also you need to consider things like their electricity bill, water, machinery and anything else that the shop uses regularly. Though you won’t necessarily see this on your bill, know that it is calculated into the final price.
These are the main costs that you are paying for when you get a repair done and these things will vary by shop.

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