Bail Bonds Help People in Need

Bail Bonds

You may find yourself in a situation that lands you in jail. Being arrested can be a scary process that leaves you asking many questions and getting very few answers. Perhaps a loved one has committed a crime and has been arrested. Sitting behind bars can be nerve-wracking. You need help and only the most experienced bails bondsmen can provide trustworthy services. The accused may only have one phone call, make sure it is to a qualified bail bonds service in Reno, NV.

Secure a Rapid Release

No one likes the thought of their loved one sitting in jail for hours or even days. When you contact a professional bail bonds company, they can assist the accused in being released in a timely fashion. They can also answer any questions and provide all of the information required concerning a particular case. Principally a bail bonds service will become responsible for the release of the accused and their future appearance in court. They provide a bail bond to the local court so the accused is released from jail until their hearing.

How Do Bail Bonds Work?

When acquiring a bail bond in the state of Nevada, 15% is the premium paid to the bonds company that issues the bond on behalf of the accused. This premium is not refundable even if bail is reduced or the entire case is dismissed. Once bail is set then collateral may need to be claimed. Collateral is any property that is used to ensure payment of the bond, and that the defendant will show up in court. When personal property is signed over in this manner, it becomes the property of the bail bonds company if the defendant reneges.

What Happens If a Defendant Does or Does Not Show in Court?

If a defendant chooses to not show up for a scheduled court date a guarantor is held responsible for finding them. This includes finding them no matter the cost. The need for finding a defendant is not only to bring them to justice, or prove their innocence; it is also so the bond can be exonerated. Exoneration occurs when a defendant is either sentenced or the case is dismissed. Once a bond has been exonerated, then the guarantor is not responsible for the bail any longer.

Able Bail Bonds provides three generations worth of bail bonds experience. When you need bail bonds services in Reno, NV, contact them to learn more about their services.