What Do You Need to Know About Fire Ant Control?

Pest Control

Though there are many types of ants that can invade your home, one of the most annoying is the fire ant. Fire ants not only cause destruction in your lawn, but they can also cause painful bites. These ants often create large mounds on your lawn. They prefer open and sunny areas and can produce mounds that are as high as two and a half feet. For this reason, many people seek fire Ant Control when they realize their home has been invaded by these red and black biting insects.

To ensure your family is no longer in danger of being bitten, it is a good idea to call in a professional Ant Control service. They will come out to your home and evaluate the extent of your ant problem. They will first need to identify what type of ant has invaded your property. Even with fire ants, there are many different types. Identification is crucial because it will tell the pest control company what type of treatment is needed so the ants can be eliminated.

There are two main methods of killing fire ants. These methods are often used in conjunction to both eradicate the population of ants and help to prevent new populations from forming. The first type is the bait method. Each mound is baited with ant food that has been poisoned. The ants feed off of the bait and then feed other ants and their offspring. This can effectively wipe out an entire mound of ants fairly quickly.

Another method is through granule pesticide. This helps to kill off any ants in your yard and helps to prevent them from populating and forming mounds. It may take several treatments for this method to be effective, especially if your area gets a lot of rain.

If you are tired of ants invading your yard and home, make sure you contact AAA Exterminating. They will help you to identify your ant problem so it can be properly treated. Through their services, you can finally be free of your ant problems so your family is not in danger of being bitten.
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